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    Stainless steel coil 321
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    Stainless steel coil 321, 321 stainless steel coil are produced according to cold rolling technology, standard specifications. Products meet very well the needs of many mechanical fields, different customers.

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    DETAIL DESCRIPTION Product name: Stainless steel coil 321, 321 coil stainless steel 

    • Steel grade: 321/304/316
    • Gloss (surface): BA/2B/HL/No1
    • Brands: Cuong Quang, Posco (Vietnam, Thailand, Korea), Hyundai, BNG (Korea), Yusco, Joan Long (Taiwan), Tisco, Lisco (China), Acerinox (Spain) , Johor Bahru (Malaysia), Out Kumpu, (Finland), Columbus (South Africa).
    • Technical standards: AISI, ASTM, JIS - the most popular standard in Vietnam is: ASTM
    • Specification: Thickness: 1.0mm - 1.2mm - 1.5mm to 8.0mm
    • Width: 1000mm/1219mm/1250mm/1524mm x Coil - also available on request.
    • Origin: Korea, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Europe.
    • Payment method: Bank transfer or cash
    • Transport form: Road, Waterway, Train
    • Delivery time: within 15 days